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Products, People, Places and Things Representing the Best in Coastal Living.
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Friday, June 25, 2010

Mermaid Creek Lampwork Glass Bead Jewelry- Simply Incredible!

In this beautiful creation, Mermaid Creek used a gorgeous lampwork glass bead created by the very talented Denise Sachs-Mishalanie.

Mermaid Creek is a small family business creating original artisan designed jewelry. They use some special lampwork glass beads that they obtain directly from the wonderful artists! Their jewelry is made with a torch and a mandrel and takes plenty of time and patience. Gemstones and Swarovski crystals are sometimes included in their creations and all of their jewelry are made with sterling silver, pure copper, or 14kgf specializing in earrings, necklaces, bracelets and anklets. Mermaid Creek has also created several metalwork and stamped pieces and are now attempting soldering.

"I've created and hand stamped the message 'Island Dreams on a beautifully
 high polished sterling silver disc. To this I have added a sterling silver mermaid, starfish, and seahorse."

Mermaid Creek is passionate about the items they produce and so enjoy the creation process of each piece which are mostly one of a kind items. Their inspiration comes from nature living around the Adirondacks and frequent trips to the Atlantic...specifically to the coast of Maine. "That's where 'Mermaid Creek' comes in, stated Paula. It's a combination of both, really. Mermaid comes from the goddess side of the family because that side LOVES to swim and has always been drawn to water. Rivers, Lakes, and the Ocean. As long as she's near water she's content as can be. It's a beautiful section of the country that we are so blessed to experience. A lot of good energy goes into the work we do."

In this fun gathering you will find a lampwork margarita glass that was created by Laurie Whitney, a very talented lampwork glass artist. I have added a lime Czech glass flower alongside as well as a sterling silver tag marked with the word 'margarita'. Added to the margarita glass are genuine Swarovski crystals as well. All of the findings in this necklace are sterling silver. It measures 18" in length but may be worn at 14", 16", 18" or anywhere in between as the lobster claw clasp may be attached at any point along the chain. Enjoy!

In Mermaid Creek listings, you will sometimes find little blurbs at the beginning of the items like in the caption above. These little 'stories' have found themselves woven into their creations.

The lampwork glass beads that we have used in this beautiful bracelet were created by the ultra-talented lampwork artist, Gina M. DeStevens. Her scrollwork is amazing! She also created the softly etched green spacers that separate the scrolled discs. A perfect match. Don't you love the rich Caribbean aqua colors created in these glass beads? Fabulous! 

"Sometimes the story comes first and the creation follows and sometimes the creation comes first and tells the story. Either way it's great fun to be able to have it flow."

Custom orders are welcome and they do produce quite a few of them. You can visit Mermaid Creek and preview a wide variety of their jewelry creations by following this link to their Etsy webstore at  I would like to thank the family of artisans from Mermaid Creek for sharing their wonderful creations with us. Joe. Coastal Creations and Design!


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