Products, People, Places and Things Representing the Best in Coastal Living

Products, People, Places and Things Representing the Best in Coastal Living.
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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Repurposed Maine Lobster Trap Float Rope Floor Mats

These colorful floor mats are made from recycled Maine Lobster Trap Float-Rope!

Colorful nylon floor mats made from recycled Maine Lobster Trap Float-Rope
These innovative floor mats are handwoven using authentic float-rope used by lobster men to tether their lobster traps. Unfortunately, float-rope can entangle whales, so Maine lobstermen are now required to replace their float-rope with "sink-rope". These old float-rope have been removed from the Atlantic Ocean, and rather than being dumped into landfills, the rope is being recycled into these unique, almost indestructible floor mats with a expected life time wear of 5 plus years.

These old float-rope have been removed from the Atlantic Ocean, and rather than being dumped into landfills, the rope is being repurposed into these unique, almost indestructible floor mats.
Each mat is resistant to mold, mildew, salt water, and sun. They do not absorb water, nor harbor insects. Clean up is a snap, too. Just shake the mat out or hose it down - it's even quick-drying!

Help save whales and other marine life, provide financial assistance to Maine lobstermen and protect the environment.

Our colorful mats are a perfect choice for your home, cottage, and yacht and a great look for any coastal/nautical decor. Use these outdoor on porches, decks, doorsteps- even your boat, dock, or poolside- these mats float on the water and will never sink. You can also use them in your kitchen, bathroom and entryways but are only recommended on non-skid surfaces.

Available in 3 sizes: Small (approximately 18" x 30"), Medium (approximately 21" x 33") and Large (approximately 24" x 36"). Choose from the widest variety of colors options available at Skipjack - based on our constantly changing in-stock inventory.

Because each mat is handcrafted from authentic float ropes, no two will ever be quite the same. Float Rope floor mats is handcrafted in and a product of Maine.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

" Sally Lee By the Sea" Unplugged: An interview With Marie Rhoades

This is the third in a series of Coastal Creations & Design "unplugged" interviews featuring seriously seaworthy coastal inspired authors and entrepreneurs. We are pleased to  include Marie Rhoades, author, entrepreneur and the creative mind behind the name "Sally Lee by the Sea" to the short list of  today's well-known Coastal Lifestyle gurus. She's become a major force in the world of coastal design and her name is often seen on Facebook and Twitter as well as other social media sites with her finger on the pulse of current design topics. So here goes...Sally Lee by the Sea!

Who is Sally Lee by the Sea? 

My name is Marie Rhoades and I've loved the ocean for as long as I can recall. Born and raised in the beautiful Napa Valley I recall many happy memories of spending time with family and friends on the California coast...Santa Cruz, Stinson Beach, Bodega Bay to name a few. As a child I daydreamed about living next to the ocean one day. I found a fellow ocean lover, and member of the US Navy, and married him in 1984.

How did it begin?

Sally Lee began evolving in 2008 after the passing of my mother, Sally, and my mother-in-law, Mona Lee. They unexpectedly left us within a week of each other. You've all heard the story about how death can make you wake up and smell the coffee? Well, this tragic event did. My husband and I decided to move to the ocean and live the simple life...Sally Lee was born. A company dedicated to the memory of our mothers.

Marie and David Rhoades
I've worked as a professional artist, hand-crafter, candle maker and retail store owner since 1994 so we decided to manufacture soy candles under the name Sally Lee Candles once we moved. Unfortunately the economy just wasn't right and sales lagged. David, my husband, mentioned Sally Lee "by the Sea" one day and we got to thinking what would it online gift store? a blog? a product line?

After some soul searching I discovered my heart was wanting to help others, to write, to paint and photograph the beauty of the ocean to share with others. Sally Lee by the Sea is a blog where I can share my gifts with the world.

What's the driving force, the passion behind your blog?

Since moving to the beach I've become a different person...A former type "A" personality who has become relaxed and now enjoys the little things in life. No more trying to impress others or rushing around so fast that I miss 'living'. My passion in life is to help others embrace this lifestyle, even if they don't live anywhere near the beach. It's an attitude, not a location.

We are pleased to report that we have recently teamed with some amazing blog sponsors which offer coastal products such as sea glass jewelry, seashell covered frames and mirrors, rustic beach signs, pillows, candle holders and so much more. Our sponsors are passionate about their businesses and we consider them to each be a part of the Sally Lee family.

What are your favorite products?

 There's no way I could choose a favorite product! If it's coastal, nautical or beachy then I love it!  Seashells used to decorate home accents or anything incorporated into a candle holder always make the top of my must-have lists. I love signs with quotes on them too...see, I really can't choose.

"Seashells used to decorate home accents always make the top of my must-have lists."

What is your favorite place?

My favorite place is the North Head Lighthouse; which is about 30 minutes south of our home. It majestically watches over the Pacific and always makes me feel rejuvenated after visiting. The scenery is awe-inspiring. The beach is a 3 minute drive from our house and getting some sand between my toes each day is always a favorite place to hang out.

North Head Lighthouse, Washington

How have you decorated your own home?

We fondly refer to our little piece of heaven as "Hummingbird Cottage", although not a cottage at all, it's a manufactured home on 1/3 of an acre.  We can hear the surf from our back deck as we are 1/2 mile from the surf (as the crow flies). It's been almost two years since we moved into our home near the sea, however we haven't rushed into our decorating...we are letting it evolve over time.

Interior walls have been painted in coastal tones of sand, aqua and sea glass blue. White sheer curtains magnify the light through the windows and blow elegantly in the coastal breeze. I'd have to say that my personal style is "ethnic eclectic" meaning you'll find rich tones of brown, red, green and gold used as accent colors. David traveled the world while in the Navy so we have some global treasures from displayed.

Our living room features a round glass table; which we re-painted and covered with sand dollars from our local beach. Our hordes of seashells have found new homes in baskets, glass bowls and shelves around the house.  Starfish adorn each window sill as well as dangle from various curtain rods. I love to use soft fabrics, overfilled pillows and a variety of textures throughout - Egyptian bath towels, down comforters on each bed, soft fleece throws on the couch and chairs. I want guests, as well as the residents, to be relaxed and cozy in our "cottage".

"Starfish adorn each window sill as well as dangle from various curtain rods."
What's next for Sally Lee by the Sea?

Sally Lee is currently working on adding more resources for our readers including a travel and leisure section; a section of informational and relaxing videos; recipes and even more craft and decor ideas.

And beyond?

A Sally Lee by the Sea book of coastal photography and quotes is a dream... other than that the sky is the limit!

Visit Marie Rhoades at "Sally Lee by the Sea" by clicking on the link.

Please visit our other "unplugged" interviews featuring Maya Nagel, creator and author of "Completely Coastal" and Caron White, creator and owner of Caron's Beach House and author of "Everything Coastal" and "Everything Coastal Style."

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Monday, September 6, 2010

"Everything Coastal" Unplugged: An Interview with Caron White of Caron's Beach House

This is the second in a series of Coastal Creations & Design "unplugged" interviews featuring seriously seaworthy coastal inspired authors and entrepreneurs. Our first interview featured Maya Nagel, creator and author of "Completely Coastal."  Today the spotlight falls upon Caron White, creator and owner of Caron's Beach House and author of "Everything Coastal" and "Everything Coastal Style." This Pacific Coast author and business woman has certainly captured a growing audience of folks seeking the surf, sun, sandy beaches and a relaxed coastal style of life. So here goes...let's visit Caron at her beach house!

Caron taking sunset photos at Stinson Beach, California

Hi Caron. How did your love affair with the beach, and everything related to the sea, begin?

Caron- Many years ago (before 1969)  I grew up on the Kitsap Peninsula in Washington State.  I was fortunate. My parents bought a 1950’s era brick beach house complete with low-bank waterfront, a rocky beach, and the ever-changing views of the Puget Sound.

Your coastal decorating style definitely began at an early age! What was your inspiration?

Yes,  with a beach full of barnacle covered rocks, oyster shells, and beach-washed sea glass to discover, I was always creating something out of my beach-combed “treasures”…

Caron's beach-combed seaglass- an obsession of hers like mine.
Oyster Shell Candle Holders from Cape Cod
So, what's the story behind Caron's Beach House? 

I created Caron’s Beach House,, to share my passion with others who are seeking a creative and distinctive coastal lifestyle, no matter where you live! My motto is  "Step inside, take a deep breath, shake the sand off of your shoes, relax and live at the beach every day of the year!"

 I love it! Tell us a little more about your business.

Caron’s Beach House is all about creating a unique experience, offering distinctive seaside and nautical home decorating solutions for their friends and customers who enjoy life on the seashore.

What can our readers expect to find at Caron's Beach House?

I'm constantly searching for new home decorating trends by attending gift shows, seminars, and searching out coastal artists to bring new beach house products to my customers. Our web store carries beach home d├ęcor accents such as cottage lamps, tropical style mirrors, a wide variety of beach pillows, shore area rugs, as well as nautical themed accents like model sailing ships, lanterns and a whole lot more
 to choose from!

Hand-painted and distressed wood buoy
White coral ribbon lamp
Bold red crab pillow
Coastal Collection Giclee – Beach Washed Whelk
How does Caron's Beach House products fit into your own personal lifestyle?

One of the best things about living at the beach is inviting friends over to enjoy our little stretch of sandy beach. We love to entertain and share this experience with others. It’s exactly the reason why Caron’s Beach House specializes in fun entertaining serving pieces as well as dinnerware designed for the coast!

It’s also why she enjoys sharing those entertaining ideas and stories in the Caron’s Beach House newsletter.  Go to any page of  Caron’s website at and sign up to start receiving your exclusive Beach Club information!

Crab Napkin Box
Etched Turquoise Wine Glasses
8 inch Oyster Aqua Glass Serving Plates
Caron welcome friends to join the conversation about living on the coast and always looks forward to sharing her beach stories with you! She also loves to share your stories as well. Here’s links to places that you can connect... Caron's blog all about out living on the coast- entertaining, traveling, cooking, home decorating, gift ideas. Caron's blog focused on beach house style, featuring some of Caron's design friends and their fabulous creations! The Official Caron’s Beach House Facebook page.

Thanks for stopping by!

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